Runaway toad

Once upon a time there was a swamp, a princess, and a toad.
The swamp was a swamp, and it was full of swamp things. It was a good swamp.

The princess was a princess. She lived in a tall castle next to the swamp, doing whatever things princesses do in castles. In her dreams she waited for the day her charming prince would rescue her. She was not unreasonable though, and was willing to meet her prince halfway. So she captured and kissed every toad she could find. Probably too many toads. But her mind was made up.

Toad was a toad. It was a fateful, rainy day when Toad noticed rather suddenly that he was completely alone in the swamp. Toad could not hear the royal toad-catching blimp through the rain.

Before Toad knew it, Toad was property of the princess.

But Toad loved the swamp, and did not want to live in a castle, regardless of how tall it was (quite tall), or how many princesses lived there (one). Toad knew that life was full of compromises, and hated to disappoint anyone. But everyone knows that toads belong in swamps, and Toad was, as previously established, a toad.

Toad considered the options, but deep down, Toad knew what had to be done.
Toad waited patiently, and when the opportunity presented itself, Toad did the only thing that could be done: ESCAPE.

Rain or shine, day or night, this toad is on the run! Eat bugs, get new powers, explore the swamp, and search for secrets. Watch out for blimps, owls, and other hazards! Help Toad hop to safety in this lavishly illustrated arcade game.


Made by:

Niv Fisher, Alon Shama & Nina Limarev

In collaboration with Finji


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